About me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! I love to travel. I guess if you are reading this page, so do you! Thanks for stopping by! Traveling is awesome. I have always thought that there is a nomad living inside me. If I could, I would travel all the time. Unfortunately there is such a thing called life that is stopping me from traveling full-time. So for now, our family of 3 try to travel whenever possible. It could be just a short weekend nearby or a long summer vacation but we try to make use of whatever time we have.

Our traveling style is more family style which means a little active exploration, a little food exploration and lots of free exploration. We are not backpack travelers although we are budget-conscious. But lately, we have upgraded out traveling style a little thanks to some travel hacking exploration.

We are also huge foodies which means that sometimes if we have to choose between an attraction or yummy food, yummy food usually wins. 😀

I will be sharing some of our travel itineraries and travel tips from our travels.

Thanks again for stopping by . . . . . .

~ J ~